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Directory Tree Context Menu

When you right click on a folder in the SpaceObServer directory tree, the explorer context menu will be displayed. Additionally, you will find some of the following menu items, sometimes inside a submenu called SpaceObServer:

Reload Directory

Reloads the selected directory branch from the database.

Remove Node (temporarily)

Allows hiding complete directory branches from the SpaceObServer views. The statistics will be updated accordingly.


In this submenu you can choose to expand the selected directory to a level of your choice.

Edit Annotation

Use this to add an annotation for the selected files or folders. The annotations are saved in the database and can be displayed in the "Details", column "Annotation".
Note: Only available for "sub folders".

Export (Data / Subfolder)

Exports the collected data in different formats. See chapter "Export Submenu".

Add to Container /
Move to Container

Allows you to add the selected scan to an existing or new container in which you can group multiple scans (See "Containers").
Note:Only available for a "root directory" (not grouped in Container).

Delete Container

Select this option to delete the selected container.

Note: Only the container itself will be deleted. All included scans will persist. This entry is only shown if a container is selected.

Remove from Container

Allows you to remove a scan from a container.

Note: The scan is not deleted from the database, but only removed from the container. This entry is only shown when a scan within a container is selected.

Show List of Scans

Shows/Hides an overview of all scanned root directories below the directory tree. (See "List of Scans")
Note: Only available for a "root directory".

Apply NTFS Compression

Compresses the entire directory branch using NTFS Compression. This operation can take a long time, depending on the amount of data that needs to be compressed. The operation is processed in its own thread, so you can go on working with SpaceObServer while the compression is done.

Note: The size information shown in SpaceObServer will be updated after the next update scan!
Note: Only available for "sub folders".


Decompresses all files in the selected directory branch for which NTFS compression is turned on. This operation can be used to reverse the above operation.
Note: Only available for "sub folders".

Save Check States to Database

When "Show Checkboxes" is activated you can use this function to persist the check states of the files and folders of to the connected database. The check states can be restored at a later date or in another SpaceObServer Remote Client.
Note: Only available for a "root directory".

Load Check States from Database

Loads check states from the connected database which had been saved at a former date or by another SpaceObServer Remote Client.
Note: Only available for a "root directory".