Alternative DNS

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Alternative DNS

Note: These instructions refer to Windows Server 2008 R2. When using a different Windows server version, the described steps may vary.


Affected Domains

To guarantee full functionality of SpamAssassin, forwarding should be implemented for the following domains:


Get Nameserver

Open command prompt and execute the following command (example for

nslookup -querytype=ns

Sampleoutput:  nameserver =  nameserver =  internet address =  internet address =  AAAA IPv6 address = 2600:3c01::21:1000


Create Conditional Forwarders

The following steps have to be performed for each domain:

Open the DNS manager on the server.

<Servername> à "Conditional Forwarders" à right-click à "New Conditional Forwarder…"

Enter the domain and the name IP.


Important: If more than one DNS server exists in the network, the option „Store this conditional forwarder in Active Directory …“ has to be selected. Alternatively, the steps described above need to be performed manually for each DNS server.