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After installation, SpamAssassin is already preconfigured and can be used immediately. To ensure a maximum performance, many options can be individually configured to fit your system's needs.


Configuration of the system service (Service.config)

The configuration of the system service of the SpamAssassin in a Box is done via the configuration file:

"C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\SpamAssassinServiceController.config"

Below you will find all the relevant configuration options.


(True | False)

Automatically run update for SpamAssassin rules (recommended!). The interval for updating the rule set can be specified in 'SaUpdateIntervalInDays'.
Default: True (enabled)

(0 - 100)

Avoid restart of 'SpamD' when CPU usage is over the specified value. Default: 80 (percent)

(0 - 100)

Avoid restart of SpamAssassin daemon (spamd.exe) if CPU load of the daemon is above the specified value. This ensures that a restart isn't triggered while the daemon is processing mails.
Default: 1 (percent)


Configures the start parameters for the SpamAssassin Daemon. The start parameters defined here are used only if the UseCustomCmdLine option is set to "True". Otherwise the default parameters will be used.

Attention: This value should be changed by experienced users only.

(True | False)

Turns on the debug mode of SpamAssassin in a Box. The debug information is stored in the Windows EvenViewer.
Default: False (disabled)


Specifies the maximum file size in MB for the log file ("Service.log") of the SpamAssassin service. After the maximum file size is reached, a new log file is created. The old log file is available as "Service.bak0.log" until next time the maximum file size is reached.
Default: 50
Minimum: 10


Specified the number of log files that are kept in the "sa-logs" folder. By default, ten log files will be kept which equals a period of ten days.
Default: 10
Minimum: 1


The proxy URL that is used for network communication. If this value is empty, no proxy server is used. Default: the proxy server that is defined in the internet settings of the system.


Specifies the interval in days between each SpamAssassin rules update.
Default: 3
Minimum: 1


Contains the parameters for executing the SpamAssassin rules update tool (sa-update). The channelfile contains the servers that are used when updating the rule set. For more information regarding sa-update, please see the official SpamAssassin docs.
Default: --nogpg --verbose --channelfile=UpdateChannels.txt --updatedir="C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\sa-rules"


Defines that path of the SpamAssassin installation that is used by the service. By default the SpamAssassin components are installed to the same directory as the service. This can be changed by more experienced users if necessary, however, it is not recommended.
Default: "C:\Program Files (x86)\JAM Software\SpamAssassin in a Box\"


Specifies the interval for restarting 'SpamD' (in minutes).
Default: 60
Minimum: 5

(True | False)

Determines whether to use the parameters defined in the "SpamD.config" file for startup options of the SpamAssassin daemon or the parameters that are defined via the "CustomCmdLine" option.
Default: False (disabled)

(True | False)

If this option is enabled, the service will create a new log file for the SpamAssassin daemon each day. If this option is disabled, the SpamAssassin daemon will always use the same log file. The most current log file is named "SpamD.log". Older log files are named in the form "SpamD.bak0.log", "SpamD.bak1.log", etc.
Default: True (enabled)



Allow learning and forgetting (to a local Bayes database), reporting and revoking (to a remote database) by spamd.


Specifies the path to the SpamAssassin rules directory.


Specifies the path to the SpamAssassin configuration directory.


Comma-separated list of authorized hosts or networks which can connect to this spamd instance.


Tells spamd to listen on the specified IP address. Multiple IP adresses, separated by comma, can be specified. (default:


Optionally specifies the port number for the server to listen on (default: 783).


This option specifies the maximum number of children to spawn. The minimum value is 1, the default value is 5.


The minimum number of children that will be kept running. The minimum value is 1, the default value is 1.


The upper limit for the number of spare children allowed to run. The default value is 2.


The lower limit for the number of spare children allowed to run. The default value is 1.


This option specifies the maximum number of connections each child should process before dying and letting the master spamd process spawn a new child. The minimum value is 1, the default value is 200.


This option specifies the number of seconds to wait for a spamd child to process or check a message. The minimum value is 1, the default value is 300, and a value of 0 will disable child timeouts completely.


This option specifies the number of seconds to wait for headers from a client (spamc) before closing the connection. The minimum value is 1, the default value is 30, and a value of 0 will disable socket timeouts completely.


Specify the path for the log file that is used by the SpamAssassin daemon.


Produce debugging output.


Perform only local tests on all mail. In other words, skip DNS and other network tests.