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Help Tab

The ribbon tab Help provides common help features, version information, and management functions for your product license.


Show help

Open the product manual of TreeSize.

Show PDF manual

Open the product manual as PDF (optimized for printing).

Frequently Asked Questions

Shows the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Feature Voting

Open the Feature Voting Platform of TreeSize in the browser. You are missing a functionality? Then this is the place to go to propose your idea or vote for the ideas of other users.




Shows version number and contact information.

Check for update

Checks if a newer version of this software is available.

What is new?

Shows recent changes.


Change installation key

Changes the installation key of the software.

Extend maintenance

Extends the maintenance period. Updates and support are free within the selected maintenance period.

Please note: For the trial version of TreeSize, the Ribbon group "License" contains different controls:


Purchase full version

Navigates to the JAM Software website and shows a list of all available license models.

Change to full version...

Helps you switch to the full version after purchasing the software.