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Home Tab

The ribbon tab Home contains the most commonly used actions and elements of TreeSize.


Select directory for scan

Opens a dialog enabling you to select a target for scanning. This dialog allows to configure complex scan targets with just a few clicks.  TreeSize will start scanning the selected path once the selection has been confirmed. You can also enter a path directly into the drive combo box in the toolbar.


Stops the currently selected scan. This will abort the current scan process but not remove it from the Directory Tree.

The Stop button also offers a drop-down menu with more options:

Stop: Stops the currently selected scan, even if it is already paused.

Pause: Pauses the currently selected scan, without aborting or stopping it. You can resume a paused scan later.

Resume: Resumes the currently selected paused scan.


Refreshes the currently selected scan. The Refresh button also offers a drop-down menu providing access to more specific options:

Refresh all scans: Using this option will trigger a full refresh for all scans of TreeSize.

Refresh selected folder: With this option, you can refresh the currently selected folder only.

Watch for file system changes: If you enable this option, TreeSize will keep track of the Windows change notifications and update the size information as well as several other information automatically. If you don't want the size information to change after the scan has finished, you should turn off "Automatic Updates". This option can be enabled or disabled for individual scans.

Remove scan

Removes the currently selected scan from the TreeSize window.



Shows the size of files and folders.

Allocated space

Shows occupied disk space on the hard disk.

Number of files

Shows the number of files in the selected folders.


Shows how much percent of the parent folder each folder occupies.



If this option is activated, TreeSize will automatically select the most appropriate size unit. Other units are available via the drop-down element (small arrow).


Show size values in gigabyte (GB).


Show size values in megabyte (MB).


Show size values in kilobyte (KB).



Using the "Expand" button, you can expand or collapse the Directory Tree to a certain directory level. You can also use this menu to trigger a "Full expand" so that you will see any folder that is available in the current scan. More information on the "Expand" button can be found here.


Send by email

Sends the Directory Tree via email. This will create an email containing the contents of the directory tree using the current email settings. Emails can either be send using a MAPI client like Microsoft Outlook or via SMTP (recommended). Email settings can be configured in the options dialog of TreeSize.


This button provides several different export options such as "Excel", "Plain text", or "HTML file". You can also copy the directory tree or the contents of the "Details" view to the clipboard. The drop-down menu enables you to customize any export type.


Open TreeSize File Search

Start the TreeSize File Search with all available types of file search (largest files, oldest files, etc.) for the currently selected branch. For more information on the TreeSize File Search, see chapter Using TreeSize File Search.

Start as administrator

Restart TreeSize with administrator privileges.

Please note: This button is available only if TreeSize was not started with administrator privileges.


Opens the options dialog for TreeSize. The drop-down button also provides access to the menu allowing export/import and reset of the application settings.