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To install TreeSize, execute the setup file and follow the instructions. TreeSize requires Windows 8.1, Server 2012, or upwards as well as .Net framework 4.8, which will be installed automatically when missing (Information regarding disk space management on other operating systems can be found on: The setup program will copy the necessary files to your hard disk and will create a new program group in the Start menu/screen. TreeSize can be uninstalled using the Software applet in the Windows Control Panel. You will find the installation key for the registered version on the license document (PDF) sent to you after the purchase. During your maintenance period the key will be provided in your customer area.

A portable installation on USB removable device can be created using the ribbon bar "Tools".

Unattended Installation

Starting the EXE-based installer with the command line parameters


will perform a silent and automatic installation with the default settings. Please replace YourInstallKey  with the installation key that you received after your registration. Using /VERYSILENT instead of /SILENT will prevent any visual feedback. The option /DIR="x:\dirname" can be used to override the default install path.


Customer with 25 or more licenses are able to download a 64Bit MSI installer in out customer area. To perform a silent and unattended installation using the MSI-Installer, you need to use a command line like this for MsiExec:


Please prefix the MSI file with the path of the network share, in which the MSI file is stored, and adjust the installation key. You may also set the property INSTALLATION_KEY by modifying the MSI file using a tool like Orca.

Default settings

TreeSize stores its settings in the user profile by default. If there are no options stored yet, e.g. for the first start of the application, default settings will take effect. You can adjust these default settings system-wide by creating entries in the Windows registry for each setting at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JAM Software\TreeSize.

To simplify this configuration, we provide administrative templates for the Group Policy Editor. You can download them here.